Productions move virtually at the speed of light. At any moment, inspiration may strike and require additions or modifications to sets, props or wardrobes. Teams are left scrambling to source items that bring the desired vision to fruition. Perfection has often been compromised when a preferred item is inaccessible or only available in limited quantity.

3D technology is rapidly changing the industry by evolving even the most extravagant concepts to reality. Conveniently located in Brookhaven, with additional facilities currently underway, Atlanta-based 3DPtree will be one of the first 3D print hubs serving the Southeast.

Founded in 2014, our expertise ranges from digital 3D scanning to specialty prop making. With many resources still only available on the West Coast, 3DPtree offers experienced craftsmen locally for the convenience of Atlanta’s rapidly-growing motion picture industry. Coupled with Georgia’s aggressive tax incentives, local resourcing, without sacrifice to quality, will ensure sustainability and posture Atlanta as a preferred mainstay for film and television production.







Lightning Fast, Local Production of Costumes, Armor and Prop Replication

With our home base in Atlanta, Ga., virtual designs in cad file format and digitally-scanned item replication can be expedited for 24 to 48-hour turnaround with courier service available.

3D Printed Small Scene Models for Writers and Pre-production

3D printed model storyboards assist writers, directors and all creative units to plan scenes with mini models that put characters and locations in tangible context.

Hassle Free Body Scanning

Non-invasive digital scanning eliminates the need for traditional alginate and plaster head casting for the creation of prosthetics and costume models. This software revolutionizes a process that is notoriously uncomfortable for actors, requiring up to 16 hours to process. Digital scanning enables us to deliver the same end results quickly and comfortably.

Complete body scanning also permits concise wardrobe tailoring without requiring the actor’s presence for fittings. Virtual wardrobes can be designed on digital wireframe images or can be printed as tangible dress forms that accurately mirror the actor’s physique.

Virtual Library

Digital archiving enables print-on-demand availability for body and head scans, props, sets and all other designs for subsequent seasons, reboots or items that are damaged and destroyed during production. Existing pieces may also be scanned and archived for future access.

Design Consistency for Feature and Stunt Application

Aesthetically identical armor and props can be replicated in hero and stunt versions using different substrates to maximize production value congruent with required scene or stunt.

All products can be printed in a variety of substrates to emulate the look of wood, stone, metal or any imaginable finish or texture.

Large prop pieces can be produced modularly for ease of transport and assembled on location with durable dovetail jointing.  “Honeycomb” skeletal framing is conducive to oversize prop portability, reduces necessary manpower and lessens risk of on the job injuries.

Traditional Prop Services

Sculpting, vacuum forming, distressing/weathering and other practical design and effects are also available.

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