For immediate release | Oct. 13, 2015

3D Digital Scanning Services for Georgia Film and TV Industry Offered at Brookhaven-based 3DPtree

3D digital scanning/on-demand printing is a revolutionary technology with unlimited potential for the film industry. 3DPtree is proud to be Georgia’s first locally-based digital scanning and virtual model resource dedicated to film, TV and other forms of entertainment. From A-list actors and stunt performers to specialty hero props for stunts, 3DPtree has created and archived virtual 3D models for costume measurements, prop builds and visual effects for Ironhead Studio, Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures, PlayStation Network and others, with numerous endeavors on the horizon.

3DPtree was founded in 2014 by Jil Wyland, who carved her niche in the legal industry with Litigation Presentation, a boutique visual strategy firm that has had a positive impact on more than 600 corporate matters for 15+ years. Now she is becoming equally influential in the local film industry with Georgia’s go-to virtual scanning service.

“The legal industry is a demanding 24/7 business with high stakes and critical deadlines,” says Wyland. “I use 3D technology to create visual effects that educate, entertain and persuade captive audiences, and realized the same creativity and software processes can be utilized for movies and television. We routinely build highly-detailed custom models and animations to depict scenes for trials. Utilizing this technology for Atlanta’s thriving film industry makes perfect sense, benefitting filmmakers looking to take advantage of Georgia’s tax credits.”

With more than 20 years of movie-accurate costume and prop building expertise, VaderPainter Studios’ Bob Bean joined 3DPtree in early 2015.

“Having worked in practical effects, I find that the digital world is the way of the future,” says Bean. “There’s less turnaround time, meaning we can get a virtual model to someone within hours instead of days, and we can easily make changes without having to resculpt the entire model. You can even create virtual models of objects such as trees or intense body positions with intricate details that could never have been done with traditional casting.”

Head and body casting is a grueling and time-consuming process, creating hours of discomfort for actors being covered in alginate and plaster. 3DPtree’s scanning software offers an equally-accurate alternative in a fraction of the time with no cleanup. Unlike traditional casting, 3DPtree also offers the ability to recreate people and objects in full color, while also capturing textures and details that otherwise would be difficult to replicate. Plus, a library of virtual model scans can be archived without taking up any physical space.

3DPtree provides additional client comforts in its private luxury suite. For those looking for on-site set scanning and prop archival, 3DPtree is able to bring its equipment directly to any location. While comparable services are mostly available on the West Coast, 3DPtree brings Hollywood’s magic directly to filmmakers taking advantage of Georgia’s tax incentives on local productions.